Our Current Projects

Hanalei Bay Online Data Portal

Research related to water quality has been conducted in the Hanalei Bay region for over 20 years. Though much of this data was generated through federally funded projects, it is not easily accessible and scattered across multiple organizations and individuals. There is a need to compile this data and make it accessible to community members, interested parties, and researchers. This will 1) support education of community members and homeowners in the region, 2) provide a basis for community and political action to address pollutant sources, and 3) and be used to identify data gaps and support further scientific data collection and research as well as future planning efforts.

Uncovering the effects of tourism on the fishery of Hāʻena

This project seeks to quantify observed changes in the fish community in Hāʻena, Kauaʻi to the road closure resulting from the extreme flood event in April 2018 and more recently the cessation of tourism due to COVID-19. The perception of the community is that fishes in the area, particularly fishery species, became more abundant in response to the reduction of tourist activity in nearshore waters. To address this question, we have conducted surveys of fish abundance, behavior, and benthic (coral and algae) cover, and human use beginning in 2018.