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We work with decision makers to develop science and place-based tools that answer their questions. We publish findings in peer-reviewed journals (see our publications), deliver decision support tools, and build capacity through training.

Kostantinos (Kosta) Stamoulis, PhD

Kosta a spatial ecologist and fisheries scientist with over fifteen years of experience conducting interdisciplinary research to support sustainable management of coastal and marine resources in the tropics. His expertise ranges from ecological sampling design and monitoring methods, to statistical inference, to spatial analysis and remote sensing, to development of decision support tools. He has worked on a variety of applied research projects in Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, Seychelles, and the Caribbean. Kosta currently leads all Seascape Solutions projects.

Jade Maeva Delevaux, PhD

Jade is an environmental & conservation planner. Her educational background spans geography, natural resources and environmental management, and marine biodiversity and conservation. She has worked on a variety of projects integrating land and sea processes into spatial planning, quantifying and mapping biodiversity and ecosystem services, and scenario planning to inform ridge-to-reef management and climate change adaptation in New Caledonia, Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, and Vanuatu. Jade has moved on from Seascape Solutions since accepting a full time position with the Natural Capital Project at Stanford University.

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